Friday 1 June 2007

time for a sale


all prints in my shop are 25% off for the month of june!

i'm planning a big shop update/clean sweep for july 1st with new oobees and hopefully the unveiling of a new soft toy design i'm currently working on and so i thought i'd hold a bit of a sale to move the prints that are taking up room in my shop. i've gotten so much great feedback on all the prints, especially the duotones and extra especially when people see them in person, but they just aren't selling very well for me. maybe the price is too high? anyway, i've decided to discount them for this month to give anyone who's been thinking about picking one up a chance to and then i'm pulling them from the shop all together on july 1.

i'm going to be sewing all weekend and i'm so looking forward to it! plus i'm picking up my very first overlocker (serger to you north americans) tomorrow morning and am pretty excited to put it to use. i found a deal on a singer model here that i just can't pass up (terrible website but great prices).


  1. Anonymous11:10 am

    overlockers rule! twill change your live it twill!

  2. a new soft toy? that's so exciting as i'm such a huge fan of your oobees...can't wait!

  3. i got a serger 6 years ago, and it is a pain to thread but great for finishing seams....alas it is not working now, i need to get it fixed!

  4. Thanks Leslie! I'm loving Yarraville...can't wait to find all those op-shops! Best, Fran.

  5. I adore this print! BTW, just discovered your blog and have put a link to it on mine. Hope that's ok with you.


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