Friday 29 June 2007

2, 2, 2 posts in 1

UPDATE: just got the all clear on my blood tests but have to go back in on thursday to discuss my ultrasound results. i'm freaking out a little bit.

well, i've had an interesting day... based on a suggestion from my creative director and the fact that i had a doctor's appointment at 10am, i took the day off (i mean, when does management ever suggest you take a day off? had to snap that up. i just finished an EXTREMELY exhausting design project for our south africa office this week - like 217 emails exhausting - and i think he felt sorry for me.) my doctor's appointment was to assess if there are any physical reasons as to why we are finding it so hard to conceive. shane went for his test last week and got the glowing results ("they said they were practically jumping out of the cup!!" *beam*) on tuesday so now it's my turn. i'm finding it all quite scary as i've long had the completely unbased fear that i can't have kids - for no real reason other than i've never been pregnant yet. so i went for blood tests and both an external and internal ultrasound and will get the results early next week. fingers crossed everywhere, please. on the other hand, if there is some hormonal reason that i'm not ovulating properly, at least i can take something to help things along a bit... the plus side of these tests, (aside from meeting a super nice nurse who took my blood and told me how she had had her son 17 months ago, naturally, at age 45, which i thought was just amazing) was that i got to treat myself* to a trip to savers (value village) to calm my nerves a bit.

and there i found:

new thrifted cardy
handknit wool cardy with wooden buttons for $6.99. so smitten.

mikasa for bax
new dog bowls for baxter. vintage mikasa, 3 at 99¢ each.

crown glass wee measuring cup
crown glass measuring cup, shot glass size, with ml, teaspoon and table spoon measures. $1.99

plus a whole stack of embroidered, vintage hankies and a great pyrex mug that was in the sink to be washed before photographing. so i was pretty happy with that. i also stopped at an independent paint store in footscray and FINALLY found the perfect blue for the outside of our house, after looking at what feels like a million other blue/greys and buying FIVE different sample pots:

new house colour

picture that with vanilla white trim, a picket fence and cream, white and pink roses growing in front. cuuuuuute.

* i say treat myself but really, i go there once a week anyway. i'm hooked, i tell ya - hooked.


  1. Anonymous12:06 am

    Thrifting can definitely become addictive - so many finds, so little time :)
    Good luck on your test *fingers crossed for you*

  2. Anonymous12:35 am

    I have that same fear myself. Especially because there have been times in my life where I could have gotten pregnant, if I was say, my friend Melanie, with her hyper fertility. But I never have. And now that we're thinking of trying, I'm super scared. Because what if I cant? I'm virtually holding your hand on that one!

    I love the color you picked. It's very similar to the color I want for a nursery, should the need for one ever arise.

  3. Anonymous2:52 am

    good luck with the tests. i'm sure you will get some good news and pretty soon you will be blogging about what color to paint the nursery!

  4. Oh what lovely finds and a pretty paint color!

    Crossing my fingers for you!!

  5. Anonymous6:12 am

    Fingers crossed. Looks like a lucky day!

  6. My fingers and toes are crossed for you! I'm sure all will be fine, you know stress can sometimes be a factor so maybe you should take more of those days off?! ;)
    I went to Savers in Frankston for the first time the other week, i loved it! I think i spent about 2 hours in there, Frankston on the other hand i don't love so much. I need to visit the one on your side of town, maybe we can meet up one day for a thrifting session?

  7. Even though I don't know you, my fingers are crossed from here in Brisbane. It took my husband and I nearly 3 years to conceive - we had all the tests, I had a laporoscopy, months of blood tests and still nothing. Then just as I was about to start on fertility drugs I fell pregnant. I still don't know if there was anything wrong with me, but I did go on the Low GI Diet for 4 months before I fell - apparently sugar affects hormone levels - might be worth a try? My little boy is now 8 months old and I cherish him everyday. I hope you have the same luck or better very soon.
    I love your blog. It's a pleasure to read.

  8. Anonymous9:56 am

    my fingers are always crossed for you... i truly hope that things will start happening soon, i am so clucky that I need to start living vicariously through my friends.

    love the thrift shop finds, you have a talent my girl... and what a lucky dog is baxter (makes me feel a little guilty about buffy's bashed up metal bowl :0 )

  9. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Hey - my naturopath takes credit for my pregnancy. I was told I was infertile and then started a special diet and herbs that she put me on and I was pregnant within 2 months! I'll give u her number if u want... (besides the pregnancy - that diet made me feel amazing)x

  10. Oh I am so totally hooked on Savers! I used to go to the Footscray one ALL THE TIME when we lived nearby (in our blue with offwhite trim house with picket fence and roses!). Luckily when we moved I found another Savers not too far away.

    Good luck with the tests.

  11. Crossing everything for you lovely!

    Take care of you - and your little one will come when the timing is right. The reasons for these delays are often mysterious and elusive I find.

    Easy to say I know.

    I'll be thinking of you. :)

  12. thanks for your support, everybody!

    sarah - that's exactly it! i, to, have had a few super fertile friends and that's where the fear stems from. we'll see...

    nichola - definitely! i go thrifting pretty much every saturday morning so if you're ever up for it, give me a yell and i'll give you "the great western op shop tour"!

    dana - i've sort of always wanted to go to a naturopath so maybe now is the time? maybe she sould help me with my eczema, too and, lord knows, a diet change is definitely on the cards these days anyway! can you email me her details? xox

  13. leslie, that story about the nurse who gave birth at 45 has given me new hope!! thanks for that! i sometimes feel it will never happen- and scared of something going wrong if i do get preggers. I guess i need to thing more positively!
    We have been TTC for 16 months now - but luckily have found a great doctor recently, a Reproductive Endocrinologist, so feel like we're in good hands now!
    So, i hope we can both talk about our kids one day!!

  14. Anonymous9:22 am

    I'll be sending nothing but good wishes your way!

    Oh + great finds!

  15. ooh - LOVE that blue :)
    will be lovely with pink roses indeed. Get some gypsophila growing in amongst that - ooh!

    Loving your new cardigan too :)

  16. oh, forgot to say; stress is the biggest cause of not conceiving! We learnt that in anatomy class last year. And I think your job is stressful. So more days off. Doctor's orders :)


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