Wednesday 30 May 2007

western suburbs, how i love thee...

i've been spending a bit of time lately unearthing local thrift shops in my new neighbourhood and surrounding suburbs - i've managed to visit SEVEN all within 5 minutes of my house (2 in walking distance) and i know there are at least three i haven't been to yet. and that's not including the 4 or 5 i know of that are within a 15 minute drive! *love*

it's almost a bit too convenient as i went to pick up a nail gun for shane on saturday morning and, after stopping at 2 thrift shops on the way, managed to come home with:
• a little wooden spice rack ($1),
• a yellow 50's ceramic electric kettle ($10)
• a book ($1.25)
• a wooden tabletop plant stand ($1 (hard to describe but it's lovely - will try to take pics when i find some pots that fit in)
• a solid wood side table ($6)
• a double door wardrobe with lovely bakelite and metal handles ($25) (this is going to be my new fabric storage once shane puts some shelves inside)
• and 4 of these amazing bent ply and metal chairs ($12)...

op shop chair

the chairs are by far the biggest score of the day, they are gorgeous and probably cost someone a bit of cash back in the 50s. i just wish they had taken better care of them as they need a lot of work at the moment (the one pictured is the best of the lot and is actually in not too bad shape aside from rust on the legs). they're going to be a bit of project for shane and i to fix up and we might even need to get our good pal sandy involved with his background knowledge of bent ply.


  1. You are such a thrifty bargain hunter. I loved all your photos of your crafty friends little gifts too- so clever!
    Hope the reno is coming along well- it feels like ages since we caught up.

  2. Anonymous5:09 pm

    ohhhh. that chair is so, so good. I never have any luck finding chairs (or any furniture in this town..) there always seems to be only three chairs, which is not much help with dining chairs!
    Can't wait to see them when you're finished doing them up : )

  3. The chairs are a real find! Awesome! I've never seen that style before, but i likee!

  4. Don't know if this is useful to you at all, but some friends of mine recently got their retro chair and table legs rechromed. I could find out more for you if you'd like?

  5. Anonymous9:10 pm

    right, miss! you better tell me where those op-shops are cos if I don't know about 'em already, there'll be trouble!

  6. thanks jorth for the tip, i may take you up on that info in the future. these legs were black painted metal so we're hoping to just sand the rust off and then just give them a fresh coat of paint... but now you've got me thinking that chrome legs would look pretty snazzy... maybe send that contact through, just in case! thanks heaps!

    dana, we've got to do an op shop morning together so we can pool our resources - between the two of us, we're bound to have the whole west side covered!

  7. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Oooooo - nice chair!!!!! My husband is totaly chair obsessed - retro modern - he would also love this. You gotta love thrifting :)

    Hey, I just tagged you. Check out my blog for details!

  8. My gosh...those chairs are a find for $12!!!!

  9. These could have been old library chairs. I used to have one growing up that my mom got at a garage sale! Unfortunately my sister got ahold of it and ruined the wood. These were really big in the early 70's!


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