Wednesday 28 March 2007

random blog treat(s)

new (to me) blogs i'm loving, all with great crafty style:

musings of an unplanned mother



moontea artwork

more to come...

(my bloglines have now reached 213, it's really becoming a problem. damn all you talented and interesting people out there.)


  1. Anonymous6:51 pm

    It can be even worse than 213,
    my Bloglines have reached 614, your fab blog included.

    614. Yes - that is unhealthy!
    But I'm in need of daily eye candy...


  2. WOW, i feel much better now!

    except now i'm worried about all the great stuff i'm missing in the other 401 blogs :)

  3. Anonymous3:42 am

    Thanks for posting your list of blogs. Now *I* am going to feel compelled to add them to my ever-so-long list :-)

  4. Anonymous5:27 am

    Oh boy, I'm only at 30! {just discovered bloglines + love it}
    I check out Colourfool + just found Julieree the other day.
    Thanks for the links! If you want to add just one more blog to your list, check out my blog :)

  5. oh, 213 is a lot if you want to read them every day. I have much less then you ,but it`s still hard to choose which one open first etc. But then again, you never get bored...:)

  6. hey thanks! i've been eyeing your beautiful goods on etsy for a while--glad to find your blog!

  7. Anonymous12:13 pm


    only 213?

  8. thank you for liking my blog. it is fun to see how the world connects one blog at a time. now for your blogline i will admit i don't even know my number but find little time to keep up. it is at least nice to get a quick glance into everyones world even if for a minute.

    i am no looking forward to catching up on your great blog.

  9. that should be 'now looking forward to...' sorry about that.


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