Tuesday 13 February 2007

little fellas

stitched-up little grey face
made from gorgoeusly faded vintage cotton pillowcase featuring pale pink and yellow flowers that i found in a country op shop and stuffed with cuddly soft, 100% natural, undyed wool. this poor little oobee suffered a wee rip in her beautiful vintage cotton whilst being stuffed (the final step! couldn't believe it...). i couldn't bear to not finish her so i carefully hand darned the rip and put her for a slightly reduced price. possibly she's the perfect companion for someone who's also recently had surgery? : )

peachy flower yellow face
made from another vintage cotton pillowcase with an amazing peach, pink, orange and purple floral print and stuffed with cuddly soft, 100% natural, undyed wool.

muted floral pink face
and another gorgeous vintage cotton with a pale pink and dusky grey floral print, stuffed with cuddly soft, 100% natural, undyed wool.

softy blue purple face
made from a soft-as-can-be, baby blue, velvet-like material, this oobee has a hand-dyed purple wool felt face, ears and tail and is also stuffed with cuddly soft, 100% natural, undyed wool.

all available now, with plenty more photos, in my shop!


  1. oh, poor lil' oobee with the booby-actually seems more precious because of it!
    all soooo lovely! love the light purple faced one - soo soft!

  2. Anonymous9:31 am

    Ive got some vintage pillowcases that would be perfect for your oobee's, whats your address Ill post them to you?

    Ive had them for a while and havent found a use for them....and you are making such gorgeous stuff!! Share it round I say!!

  3. Anonymous4:50 pm

    They're gorgeous. I love your vintage fabrics!

  4. Anonymous12:29 am

    love their little faces.

  5. Anonymous8:18 am

    Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!

  6. Anonymous4:47 pm

    I'm thinking 'single', ;'purple snow' 'crown' and 'spring'. they are all beautiful but these ones are just that tiny bit more special. cant wait to see what you come back with after the weekend!!!!

  7. The little grey one is so precious! The tiny imperfection shouldn't be a hinderance at all, but an asset.

  8. Anonymous1:27 am

    Your oobees are just so wonderful! You have a great eye for colour. I look forward to meeting you at Blog Meet #2 in May!


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