Monday 16 October 2006

summer lovin'

sorry for the lack of posts here lately, i just really haven't been up to too much crafty stuff in the last couple of weeks, too busy being itchy and consumed with house hunting. however, the amazing weather we had here in melbourne last week really made me realize that my summer wardrobe is meager at best so friday night i made my first garment sewing attempt - a little tunic type top, made from a vintage embroidered linen tablecloth that i picked up for $3.99 at an op shop.

my first garment sewing attempt

the pattern is from a shirt i bought at zara in france waaaaayyyyyyy back in my backpacking days of 1999. amazingly, i still loved the top but it had acquired a few permanent stains that made it unwearable. i pulled it apart and it worked perfectly as a pattern plus, with only four pieces, was super easy. i can see a whole wardrobe full of this same top in varying fabrics coming up...

edited to add: sorry about the crappy photo, by the way. my little work buddies are all out on a shoot so i had to resort to the classic self portrait which, because of the awkward pose, doesn't even make the top look too good. i'll try to get some pics of the shirt flat this week and add them in.


  1. The top is very cute, Les! Once again, how do I place an order? Keep up the excellent crafty work ... oh, and I will be e-mailing you about the skin stuff, as I have some suggestions on that end too!
    lots of love,

  2. that is an amazingly beautiful top!

  3. this is so beautiful!!!!!

  4. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Actually, I think it's a very nice photo.

    Nice job on the top.

    Iron? What's an iron?

  5. wow, "anonymous", two compliments and one insult all wrapped up. maybe you're not familiar with the characteristics of linen? but no, you're right, i probably should carry an iron with me AT WORK and give my clothes a quick run over at mid-day. sheesh. to appease you, i promise to give it a press before i get around to taking the flat pics.

  6. I quite like the slight wrinkly quality of the shirt, I wouldn't iron linen unless it was a tablecloth or napkins. I like the ribbon also.

  7. I just lurrrv it! A beautiful cut. The fabric looks much better on you than it would on a table :)

  8. Wow! That shirt is amazing! Had you not said it was handmade I would have assumed it came from Anthropologie or another such fab store. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Anonymous9:43 am

    "Doesn't even make the top look too good"
    ...are you kidding. That top is gorgeous!! Great job!

  10. This shirt is great; awesome job.

  11. Anonymous3:43 pm

    What a cool top! I love it. Also I found you via flickr, I love your shots of the junkyard, where is that?? Im in melbourne also...

  12. That top looks gorgeous. How very clever of you.


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