Saturday 22 April 2006

crafty slump

i'm so sorry i haven't been posting anything of interest here lately, i just haven't been up to much on the craft front. i finished my beautiful, buttery, angora scarf and then finally got the knack of double pointed needles knitting up a mitten that i pulled apart in the end (mitten knitters: what's the deal with knitting up the thumb part? i picked up the stitches and then realized that there is no handy end of yarn to start knitting with! am i supposed to just tie a new piece on somewhere and start knitting with that?) i've got a few projects up my sleeve - want to make a successful pair of mittens and a toque (beanie for you aussies) to match and i've been sketching out a pattern for a new bag to hopefully sew up before i leave for canada in TWO WEEKS!!!

i think i've mentioned here before that i really want to improve my sewing skills and have a go at sewing myself some clothes. inspired by sooz's post on sewing classes, i've been investigating taking a few classes at CAE myself. i'd love to be able to create my own patterns for clothes or even know how to use a pattern properly! i found this brilliant score at the williamstown salvation army a few weeks ago:

classic, late sixties, early seventies clothing for kids complete with patterns for each design! i'm so in love with almost all of the patterns, especially the pea coat and duffel coat, that i'm inspired to find the proper way of enlarging the patterns to fit ME (the largest sizes given are for a 10-12 year old and i didn't grow too much after that age so the patterns would really only need to be enlarged one or two sizes!). here are a few of my faves:

oh, someday i'm going to have the coolest dressed kids around!

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