Friday 3 February 2006

postcard swap update

in postcard news, i finally sent mine off on monday - a few days late, sorry folks. here's what i finally came up with:

it's a digital illustration of a dogwood flower, from a photo i took in vancouver last spring, inkjet printed on kool-aid dyed fabric with resin based inks and sewn onto textured card stock. i'm quite pleased at how they turned out except that the fabric had stretched a bit in printing so it was a bit hard to sewn it straight onto the card. anyway, they are all out in the world now, the first ones should be arriving in a few days.

last weekend, before i got the news, shane and i spent most of saturday driving around the inner west suburbs looking at potential neighbourhoods in which to buy a house (so exciting!). it was pouring bucketloads of rain and the car was all foggy so it was a bit of an adventure but the best part of the day for me was coming across a crazy thrift shop in Seddon. i ventured out in the rain and spent about half an hour pawing through this rat maze of a shop, with little rooms branching off everywhere.

i found this great stash of fabric (there was sooooo much there, i actually had more in my pile and then had to par down). the top pic shows my favourite, the white on white cotton branch pattern. i don't know what i' going to do with it but it feels lovely. with it are a few upholstery pieces that were 50¢ each and underneath is a great big chunk of beautiful brown corduroy. the second pic has more upholstery samples and a patterned cotton pillowcase that i couldn't resist, all on top of two meters or so of vintage brown vellux. the cord and vellux have already been put to good use, making a new stuffed bear type creature as one of the products i've come up with for oobee's craft debut next weekend. i'll photograph all 12 or so that i'll have done this weekend but here's a sneak peek.

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