Sunday 27 November 2005

start 'er up

And so the blogging begins! I've been wanting to blog it up for a long while now but the last year has been a bit crazy (got married, moved across the world from Canada to Australia, traveled around via stationwagon for 2 months, turned 30 and recently settled in Melbourne) and there just hasn't been a convenient time. I'm writing this partly to keep my pals in Canada updated on what I'm doing (as I'm notoriously bad at regular emailing), partly to get involved in the whole crafty blogging circle that I've been reading from the fringes for the past two years and mostly just so I have a place to ramble. It'll be great to have a place where I can explain all the slight but amusing differences between Oz and Canada as I experience them, I always seem to forget the really good ones by the time I talk to anybody at home. So that's it - it's begun!

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